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Holiday Stress Relievers

“Every year it’s the same…….I start getting this sickening feeling in my stomach as Thanksgiving gets closer, then I know Christmas with my mom (dad) (sisters) (kids) (ex-inlaws) – fill in the blank – is coming right around the corner.  I wish I could just go to bed the second week of November and wake… Read more »

12 Dates, 12 Envelopes

12 Dates, 12 Envelopes Here’s why you want to do this:  a number of the couples I work with have an ongoing struggle with which one of them is suppose to create the romantic memories and do the planning for ongoing dates after they are married. In the courting stage, it’s fairly obvious and traditional… Read more »

Sounds of Silence

This summer I am yet again sorting through my extensive library, which is the result of a lifetime of voracious reading and a deep love of words and books.  I have done this every summer for years now and Moe’s Books in Berkeley has been the happy recipient of a lot of these purges.  As I… Read more »

The Defining Moment!

We all have what some people call “The Defining Moment”.  The Turning Point.  The Ah-ah realization.  It can be the birth of a child (or a grand-child for me).  Holding that amazing little creature and just trying to catch your breath at the true wonder of human life and the vulnerability of that spirit in… Read more »

The Fifteen Minute Miracle

As a child, I used to love the feeling of waking up from a nap in the middle of the day — but I also remember fighting, crying, and resisting my mother’s firm voice which was saying something like, “I think you need to lie down for a while and take a nap.” “No, I… Read more »

Re-Enchanted Living

The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life Thomas Moore, 1996, Harper-Collins I often recommend to my clients this classic book because it’s a constant reminder to me of how to live here in the greater San Francisco Bay Area with a degree of sanity, awareness, and quality of life!  The reality is that we live in the… Read more »

About Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction …… What exactly is “spiritual direction”?  And how is it different from psychotherapy or counseling?  And when should someone seek out this kind of assistance? Spiritual directors are trained to help a person hear God’s voice, and to walk alongside a person as they seek out their life’s best course.  They specialize NOT in answering your questions, but… Read more »

Ahhhhh… Assessment Time!

Assessment speaks of stopping to take stock of our lives …we assess the value of our homes ….we assess our relationships – healthy or not so much – we sometimes assess our spirituality and life values and make choices based on our relationship with God and with how we are giving back to society. In this… Read more »